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Get Specially Designed Lunch Box in Dubai

GoFoodie – Powered by Maxxcom Group is a Start Up Company, which will cater to daily meal (Specially Designed Lunch Box) of working employees in Dubai, UAE. Go-Foodie is operated through E-Commerce Platform beginning from Dubai, UAE and in later stages worldwide. The Company will be serving to both Business-to-Customer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B).

GoFoodie – Powered by Maxxcom Group provides Daily Meal to working employees in entire Dubai throughout the working days. The customers of Go-Foodie will have an option of choosing their daily meal from any of the listed restaurants with Go-Foodie. The meal provided by Go-Foodie will be a specially designed combo meal as the standard nutrition intake for regular diet. This will avoid Go-Foodie customers from worrying about their routine diet and the customer can also opt for their individual dieting options. Customer will have a choice of selecting 5 restaurants for entire month.

Go-Foodie customer can be assured of delivery timing. Once promised for a particular time slot the food will be delivered at the agreed time. This will help Go-Foodie customers to plan their day well in advance and avoid worrying about their food ordering and delivery time line.

Go-Foodie will be operated from Dubai, as head office and will initially cater only to customers from Dubai, UAE. Once established and completed in Dubai, it will be extending its operations in rest of the Emirates.

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Our Objectives

The main object of Go-Foodie is to provide on time food to working employees.

  • Provide quality food at a reasonable price.
  • Avoid the hassle of daily ordering of food and wait for the prolonged delivery timings.
  • Suitable food for every nationality, which is loved by every individual.
  • Choice of having food from desired restaurant from across Dubai.
  • Avoid the struggle of going to distance for their desired meal.
  • No need of moving out in summers in Heat for having food of your choice.
  • Plan the customer’s budget and help the customer save money.
  • Avoid wastage of food by designing special meal for every individual of his own choice.
  • Availability of food to the customers anytime anywhere.
  • To become a one-point reliable company for monthly meal in most of the organizations.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide hassle free food delivery to working employees. The work culture these days is very competitive in order to stay in league it is very important for the employees to be fit and healthy. And most of us avoid eating food or become ignorable about our daily meal, which results in unhealthy lifestyle. In order to stay fit it is very important to eat on time, and it is also important to eat healthy. We will strive to achieve this goal by:

  • By providing healthy combos at a reasonable price
  • By providing on time and fresh food delivery everyday
  • By giving an option of choosing the desired restaurant in the city
  • Assist in designing diet plans for healthy eaters
  • Manage diet controls upon the request of the customer
  • Deliver the meal from any distance at the same time as promised